Video: Cute Philosopher Bears on the Internet

What about the cat

When you look upon the Internet through the eyes of philosopher Ken Wilber´s integral model (AQAL) you see that the inner ”psychology” of the Internet is a perspective seldom discussed. These cute bears have a discussion about it and touches upon Google AI project, Kevin Kelly´s notion of the One Machine and Ray Kurzweil´s ideas about technological singularity.

How ideas spread – a theory I long to test

I believe that it is possible to predict people’s interests by looking at their written language. This can be done by identifying a few psychological traits that shine through in personal relaxed texts such as Tweets or blogs. To accomplish this, we need large amounts of data on each individual and large amounts of individuals in a database. Here is an outline showing how I believe it can be done and tested. Fortsätt läsa ”How ideas spread – a theory I long to test”